We’re extremely proud of our products here at GeoTrencher. Ever since we first opened our doors, we’ve worked with customers from all walks of life and have supplied trenching equipment to people in the UK, France and New Zealand alike. We’ve collaborated with farmers, construction workers and more and they have all benefited from using our trenchers.

Whatever type of digging work you’re involved in though, GeoTrenchers are designed to make it easier. There are several advantages to using a trencher over alternative equipment like shovels and we thought we’d list them all in one place. Read on to learn the key benefits of using trenches. 

Increased Productivity

Arguably the biggest advantage of trenchers is that they make groundwork easier. If you’ve ever had to install a cable or dig an irrigation ditch, you’ll know how physically demanding it is. Hauling dirt out of the ground with a spade can be exhausting, but trenchers put far less strain on your body. They can excavate the same size area as a spade in a fraction of the time and leave you with less back pain at the end of the day. 

Improved Logistics

Because using a handheld or cart-driven trencher can allow you to get more work done, you’ll also need a smaller team to finish a project. For site managers, this makes it easier to organise the logistics and handle the site. After all, what sounds easier to supervise; fifteen people with shovels or three people with trenches?

Environmental Impacts

Believe it or not, trenchers can have environmental advantages too. Yes, they are powered tools, but they can also be used more precisely than shovels or other excavation equipment. They’ll keep the removed materials to a minimum so the natural landscape will suffer less collateral damage, and they’re designed to produce very little pollution. 

Less Noise

Trenchers make noise, but they’re not as loud as similar equipment like excavators. If you’re working on a digging project in a busy area, trenchers are perfect for getting the work done quickly without disturbing the neighbours. If you happen to be working in an area where sensitivity is key (such as in the grounds of a hospital), it’s always worth investing in a trencher. 

Safer Work

This might sound unusual, but trenchers are arguably safer than shovels or other hand tools. You don’t need to bend, lift and stretch as much and operating a trencher is less physically demanding. Yes, you do need to use trenchers sensibly, but there’s a reduced risk of repetitive strain injury or pulled and torn muscles. If you’re regularly involved in digging work, using a trencher can reduce the danger of suffering a long-term injury.

For these reasons and more, we’re always going to recommend using a trencher for digging work. They might look intimidating at first, but you’ll quickly get the hang of them and they make your work easier. And if you want to try one out for yourself, you’ve come to the right place. You can browse our products in our online shop or contact us for further information. We can’t wait to hear from you.