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GeoTrencher FAQ’s

If you dont find the answer here and would like more help, then please dont be afraid to contact us, view our company infomation page to find more ways how to reach us.

Like all power tools, the GeoTrencher® can cause damage and injury if used negligently. We recommend that you use appropriate safety equipment, including face shield, ear protection, gloves, shin guards, and steel toe caps footwear. When starting and operating your GeoTrencher®, always keep body parts and clothing away from the digging chain. Always switch off the engine when working on your device. GeoRipper® is much safer than other tools when it does its job – dig in the ground

Although GeoTrencher® may look like a chainsaw, it is actually quite different. GeoTrencher® was designed to dig in the ground, not to fell trees. The digging chain turns at about 1/3 of the speed of a chainsaw. The digging chain and bar are also much heavier than a chainsaw. The combination of reduced rpm and a heavier bar and chain significantly reduces the possibility and intensity of kickbacks. Some small kickbacks will be experienced in stony ground but overall, if the GeoRipper® is used properly within its trench, kickbacks are not an issue.

Yes! The self-sharpening teeth of the trencher will cut / hack through tree roots up to 70mm in diameter depending on the type of wood. It is recommended to reduce the engine speed and pressure on the cutting bar to get the best cutting performance. (Note: GeoTrencher® cuts through roots, but not at the same speed that a chainsaw cuts wood.) It takes patience. The constant use of GeoTrencher® to cut through roots can result in premature chain wear.

GeoTrencher® does not dig through solid rock. If any solid object is encountered in the ground during trenching, the operator will experience a kick back. It is then advised to trench around or above the obstacle, or remove it with a pick axe or similar tool. Small stones (up to 80mm diameter) are ejected from the trench.

Anything up to 700mm deep and 38mm wide when using a GR27. If shallower trenches are required, a GR20 will trench up to 500mm deep and GR16 400mm. It is possible to wriggle the bar sideways whilst trenching to increase the width. Standard chains are 38mm wide. Chains 25mm and 50mm wide are also available (50mm only comptible with certain models, see online shop for details)

The GeoCart® is compatible with all GeoTrenchers® models, only the throttle latches differ depending on the disc cutter model. We always recommend the use of the GeoCart® to help reduce vibrations and user fatigue, especially for longer trenches. The GeoCart® helps with straighter trenches with a more consistent depth. The GeoTrencher® unit attaches on and off the GeoCart® in seconds.

The GeoTrecher® digging chain is the main wear part. The chain is self-sharpening and the digging teeth are made of hardened steel. Unlike a chain saw chain, which must be sharpened with a file, the digging chain is sharpened by the abrasive nature of the soil in which it digs. Some soils are more abrasive than others and this determines the life of a digging chain. Other factors that affect the life of the chain are the operator’s technique, the depth of the trench, the chain tension and the rpm. Experienced operators can effectively extend the life of the digging chain. The range of a digging chain is between 50 to 500 meters. Under normal conditions, ranges of about 300 metres per chain can be achieved.
The cost of the replacement chains must be taken into consideration. To extend the longevity of the chains, follow the advice in the Operator’s and Safety Manual

Each GeoTrencher® comes with 2 standard width (38mm / 1.5″) digging chains.

For more information on chains sizes and cost please visit the online shop.

The GeoTrencher® is relatively simple to operate and does not require special training. The larger models (GR20 and GR27) can be quite heavy to operate for long period of time and we recommend the use of the GeoCart for ease of operation, but also straighter and more consistent depth of trenches. Always wear suitable PPE: full face protection, gloves, steel toe cap footwear, ear defenders and also shins pads are recommended.

Four Ashes Machinery Ltd offers the end user a 6-month guarantee on all essential defects of the GeoTrencher®, which are demonstrably due to material or manufacturing defects. Excluded from the warranty are normal wear and tear and defects arising from improper use, modification and poor maintenance. The digging chain, drive sprocket and digging bar complete including the nose plate assembly, bearing and sprocket are considered as wear parts and are not included in the guarantee agreement. The factory warranty of Makita® disc cutter power unit will be taken over by Four Ashes Machinery Ltd when Four Ashes Machinery Ltd has carried the assembly of the GeoRipper on the Makita® disc cutter. Please see the warranty conditions of the GeoRipper® in the Operator’s and Safety manual provided with every machines and the Makita® warranty conditions.

All the digging components are wear parts and the rate of wear depends on the soil type, digging depth and also the operator.
We can provide an estimate, but this is not guaranteed.
The estimated replacement of the digging bar is every 8 digging chains.
Reverse the digging as required. It is estimated at every four digging chains.
Replace the digging bar when worn on both sides.
Replace the nose bearing as required. It is estimated at every three to four digging chains.
Replace the nose sprocket as required. It is estimated at every six to eight digging chains.
Replace the chain drive sprocket as needed. It is estimated at every three to four digging chains.

All spare parts can be conveniently ordered in the online shop at geotrencher.co.uk

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