Based in New Zealand engineer Mike Smith worked extensively over 25 years developing, manufacturing and improving mini trencher attachments.


In 2014 “GR Manufacturing” was founded by Mike Smith and an American partner. They developed and produced a mini trencher called GeoRipper® using Power disc cutters. This concept was the solution to some problems users faced with the chainsaw based trenchers.


When a comparison of chainsaw engines and power disc cutter engines was made, it showed that chainsaw chains were designed to periodically run at around 13,000 RPM, and disc cutters were designed to run uninterrupted at 9,500 RPM, Digging in the ground creates dust that resembles the physical properties (abrasiveness) of concrete dust, also air filtration system of the disc cutters is superior to that of a chainsaw, as it was developed to filter out concrete dust instead of wood dust. With the drive reduction system in a disc cutter, it helps eliminate maintenance work. Hence the decision to develop Trenchers using power disc cutter engines was made.


In 2018 the GeoRipper® entered Europe and started to win awards and to attract the attention of large telecoms companies, as well as landscapers and irrigation specialists.


In 2021, the New Zealand product was renamed GeoTrencher®. The name GeoTrencher® complies with both CE & UKCA regulations. is more appropriate and gives us a clear direction forward with our customers around the globe.


In 2021 we launched more models for Stihl® branded powerheads. These are the TS420 and TS500i and will complement the Husqvarna and Makita models.


It doesn’t stop there. GeoTrencher® has battery-powered portable trenchers being trialled in pre-production – stay tuned for updates!

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